Often, people ask me: “How do you define ‘God’?’

You don’t have to define God at all. What god is isn’t what’s written in The Bible, The Qu’ran, or any religious book out there. What’s God is completely separate from what we’ve been indoctrinated into.

People often say that ‘God is everywhere’ , but what does that actually mean ?

From my own POV, God’s a bond, a relationship, a joint, or just the unity of everyone one of us.

It’s not a creator, nor a deity.

(P.S. This what I’ve heard most people tell me when it came to other perceptions of ‘God’)



Does it in any way differ from others’ perspectives ?

Variably, but more, or less , it’s still the same. I mean it all comes back to the bond between each, and every particle at quantum level which makes all of us whole. The bond between us , and the universe is no different than the bond between a “a star and its planets” , or “a planet and its moons”. Maybe, it might not be so that way, but I believe that every correlation within Quantum Mechanics , and Relativity are part of the bond we call ‘God’. Equilibrium, and whatever there is to balance each other; infinity, is all a part of that same bond.

If God as a ‘deity’ exists, then he must co-exist without something else creating the deity, cause everything that makes us up us, and the whole universe is something that was made by another occurrence as well. It all comes back to infinity, the cycle endless.


What did I mean when I titled the blog post “GOD IS YOU” ?

I meant that all of us simply make up our own whole universe because the particles, microbes, and atoms that make us all up are part of the infinite cycle of frequencies, and vibrations which makes us function. These frequencies , and vibrations that surround all of us, and consist within all of us, every organism, each and every being , function according to their own mechanical process of the vibrations, and frequencies. They essentially respond to them by spreading, radiating/generating those forms of such frequencies and vibrations produced by the organism/particle.

Not too long ago, my brother told me this:

“One can only find God, If they found them self . You can’t find God, If you do not know who you are.”


It’s really damn true since we make up our own reality by our own thoughts – Law of Attraction.

–                 CONCLUSION                           –




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