What Do You Really Consider To Be The Truth?

The other day I wrote down my insight on the concept of “Truth” on social media – just Facebook, and Instagram -. I shall paste the paragraph itself here, so  that you all can view it without having to go to the social media site.

“I hold the concept of “Truth” as to what’s only perceived from one’s view as evident , while serving as a postulation in others’ views who have heard the So called “evidence” , and false in some’s eyes who lack the evidence, but that can’t always be approved , or disapproved of, as we fundamentally keep moving on with the passing of this present, or moment which leaves us to only the perception of an image our eye created , and the vibration, and energy we feel. It might not be the same in other entity’s perspective , therefore it all can be concluded as nothing more than a Rollercoaster in which you only experience whatever you let yourself be experienced into with your own programmed imagination of perception. You are whatever you think is a term for all of this in short. Evidence is simply a postulation from our own imagination , or perception of the reflection it portrays to us; a paradoxical statement , but its counters are relative. That’s exactly what maybe Biocentrism kind of conveys, as my insight goes so far. It eventually goes into the term ‘solipsism’; even though , aware of itself , is still also considered as a perceived constructive way of viewing one self in a isolationistic state – within the mind – which puts away everything as other worldly matters. Thus, pondering begins in the very perceiver.”

Does all of this have to be taken as a fact?

No, not at all, blatantly. It’s meant to be taken just a constructed view of how life differs from what we see it to be.

According to this very element, everything in life can be taken as just a form of hypothesis, postulation, and theories. But, then question about whether life is even relevant, or not pops up. Truthfully , no one knows what the form of existence, and why it stays in this stable form of non-co-existence is. Scientists can study, and discover certain facts, but they never have come even close to differentiating “meaning, and cause” from “hypothetical study”. There can be hundreds of postulations as to why The Big Bang, and how it occurred must be taken as a fact, and according to most physicists, and scientists, it seems to be a complete fact. Like wow, I thought that was just supposed to be taken as a theory along with many others? How can you make a whole bunch of generations feed on it as a fact, but not substitute its eloquence towards being regarded as a theory just like most others.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big enthusiast when it comes to the study, and mechanics of Physics, but people should be taught it to be as a theory, rather than a fact like we’re all done to back at School.

 Am I still extinguishing that I’ve been enthusiastic towards parallel universe theories, and time travel theories? Well, I am. Every moment in my mind serves to me as a conversation between the essence of my ego, me, and the various ethereal functions my brain processes, and operates to create the very thoughts I have, and I assure you that not just my mind , but millions upon billions of other species, matter,molecules, atoms, and particles are having almost sort of the same process as I , and you are having. We all have to keep asking questions to end of our very core of physical existence as towards how we see it, or probably infinitely forever.


Note: I  hold no credit towards this , or any of the other images that I’ll be using on this post. Credit to the original owners.

Does this serve as some sort of quandary to “Consciousness” itself ?

Not quite, but it does put off a more severe comprehension of what consciousness is. When it comes to describing “consciousness” itself, the best way I’d describe is: All the senses of every atoms, particles, molecules, matter, anti-matter,vibrations, frequencies, species, & microbes shared in between each other , cumulatively correlating to every forms, which creates an own distinctive patterns of thoughts, senses – all summed up in one -, and feelings within every individuals.

These individuals’ pattern of senses makes up the whole process of being conscious within every specific form. However, still being shared and such, it also creates both positive, and negative energies as alleged to the laws of a balanced universe. A balance of both is considered as conscious, while an unbalance  is considered to be unconsciousness, but that completely depends on the phase of the energy it’s producing.

The concept of consciousness in this case does make sense, but still has its skeptic aspects, as towards being perceived.

What about us?

Well , our story is very much complex indeed; when you take a look into the conspiracies of global agendas, it starts to make everything we tend to outlook as a very lie. The manipulation of our very consciousness into demising the very us, and making everyone accept it is very much a strategic game, but it’s however very much unorthodox. Unbalancing our thoughts, and senses into a global magnetic spherical cycle is not something that can be done overnight. It of course took a course of over hundreds of millenniums, probably even more.

The question at the end is , though.. Will it still stop us from having a balanced, and Perfect society?

The answer maybe hard to fathom when you take a look back at how history has processed us into the very beings we are today. Sure, not everyone has, or can be at all risen from their imperfect, or unbalanced consciousness, but that was also the case for the ones that are awakening now. They went through a lot before they became conscious of what’s happening now.

As I always talk about it within the community, and also the people who discus it as well: We believe that there is being a vast shift in consciousness, and that everyone is slowly awakening, and gradually we all will to the point where the system itself will collapse from The Conscious Spiritual Revolution, and unlike the revolution many of us tend to visualize, this  revolution will not be done through violence, but rather through solely the effulgence of positivity, and unconditional love.

It’ll take time to occur, but many of us are gradually awakening from this, and the awareness of it has been spreading, and is still spreading even as I type. This awareness will lead to a vast change – credit to that good friend of mine, check him out. – , which will eventually be the fall of the Global Monopoly, and The World Government, and whatever’s behind them controlling the spindles.

That’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed it, and have an awesome present, and extremely beautiful day/night !

P.S. Contrary to what I’ve said, it’s still quite skeptical when it comes to the Global Consciousness Shift, but I shall be talking about that in a different post.


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