Timelines, and Paradoxes: My Own Theory/Concept

Timeline betas and alphas

However, contrary to the middle/centre timeline, keep a keen sight on the other timelines, because they might act as a significant key to all others as well. One distortion may lead to the other timelines’ construct to be lead down to a perceptive paradox.

When it comes to timelines, all may be different, and peculiar in their own ways, but here I present you with some very familiar ones: – regardless of the fact, that there are infinite-


Beta World Timelines: Timelines that haven’t experienced the significant distortions, or paradoxes, but are completely accessible & open to any. They may have progressed well enough, but have a lot of indifferences.


Alpha/Locked World Timelines: Timelines that have progressed well enough without imperfections & are immune to any distortions, and paradoxes. These types of timelines usually don’t allow any parallel timeline visitors; if entered, are made sure to be immediately eliminated.


Perceived/Current World Timeline: Timelines that are experienced by individuals, and are free to any sort of distortions, paradoxes, & destruction depending on the conscious perceiver.


Prophet Timelines: These types are the ones where catastrophe, and obliteration has already occurred. Due to the aftermath of the apocalypse, individuals from these timelines are sent to Beta, and Current World Timelines for prevention, or distortion.


Open World Timelines: Usually, these types of timelines experience everything that has occurred – most of the probabilities, but definitely not all – , which makes it unique, and rare in the whole multiverse.



Since I’m talking about timelines, and parallel worlds, it might as well be a good place to talk about “THE MANDELA EFFECT”.





What CERN does by extracting dark matter & energy are creating, and brining in other timelines’ matters & probabilities which therefore starts a whole dilemma within the universe, causing millions of distortions & paradoxes.  If you’re going to bring in energy, & matter from a parallel universe, you’re also bringing in a part of the everything that happens there. CERN knows this well, and they don’t want anyone to know about it.



Why did CERN create the WWW ? Is it because they want us to feed on it? Or, because they knew that it’d eventually would be the precise spot for someone from a Prophet Timeline to come & alter the whole course events? CERN’s manipulating, but being defeated at the same time. This Mandela Effect will come back to destroy themselves. The WWW may be a brainwashing tool, but it also spreads this so called “awareness” we all seek & have been exposed to. If CERN draws in too much of other worldly matters, it’ll create immense distortions which even they won’t be able to notice at all; ultimately destroying their whole strategy. As the proverb goes “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”



The effected parts keep growing gradually till it reaches to a point, where everything has been completely altered.


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