My Take On Education

Are We Really Being Educated?

So, ever since I was a child, I always had this skepticism within me about official education. Honestly, I learned way more from reading certain paragraphs from books, and researching materials, than I did from school.

Well, now comes a division of education, as from my perception, there are two forms of education:

Official Education, and Self-Education.

Official Education is your regular education, the one which you receive from the government. So, e.g. of those would be Schools, Academies, Colleges, and Universities.


However, Self-Education is a form of education where you clear your own skepticism , and gain knowledge by reading books, researching through various sources, and travel around the world to know what’s the real deal.


So, you may ask, “Which one from these categories is better?”. To answer that, I must first go down to the depths of explaining what official education has done to us.

We start going to school at the minimum age of 3-5 years old, and what we learn through most of our school years is mostly about things the past: language structure, scientific elements , and history that allegedly is true. So, throughout the years that we put all of these things into our brain, not once do we ever even ask ourselves, if what we’re learning is true, and if it’s even valuable for our life, not even once. We don’t ever bother to do our research on whether  stuff like how the Pyramids might have been actually built, because I’m sure that they needed an advanced civilization to put those blocks in place. We get fed by what the government wants us , what the system itself wants us to know, and therefore, it means they have shut ways of us learning the truth. Not even once in our school years, are we ever taught how to Meditate, and clear our mind from negative vibes, and aspects. Those who won’t find interest at school thanks to the apathetic curriculum, and “Operation Let’s Freaking Distract Everyone To Technology, And Not For Once Will They Realize That They Can Use It For Self Education.” Students who have bad grades will be forced down to be viewed as a dumb person in society, regardless of what he knows out of school. If School, and grades determine our intelligence, then there’ll be no  definite future for our soon-to-come generations. All that’s going to happen is that they’re going feed on the same lie that we’ve learned in the past. We don’t have to be tested to determine that we’re intelligent, that’s not how things should work. Tests are only a paper of questions which you’ll answer accordingly to what you remember you read from your textbook. Why don’t we emphasize towards “COLLABORATION” , and “TEAMWORK” , instead of “COMPETITION”?  At the end of the day, humans need to survive by helping one another, not being ahead of others. Why have we become so ignorant that we have to despise, and downgrade people who don’t know much, instead of telling them about it, therefore expanding their field of knowledge?

Why is it that we have to judge someone based on their age?  Why is it that education systems never teach us the meaning of “love” ? That’s the key, and core element of life.

The last question of this would be ” Why are we being fed such lies by the Higher Ups who control the world?”

Because they want us to be the sheep we are now, and not even once glimpse at what’s going on in this world, and question, and research about that. Folks, we have to stand up for this , whether it’s today, or tomorrow. Be the change, never ask for it, be it.


The man himself, Albert Einstein, even despised  the education system more than we did, and after a century we still don’t have any change in that system.  How Nice !

Additionally, education leads us to getting a job that we’ll mostly never like, and we’ll have to be bound to it for most of our lives, till we get old, and then all we’re mostly going to do is probably regret why we never freed ourselves from that burden. Well, everyone does have their own view of life, so I shall know what it is one day as well.


The are a few number of people who self educate themselves, but the number is rising day by day, which is frantically good. Books, research materials mostly from leaked documents, or theories that look very real. Leaked documents have been known to prove most conspiracy theories about the government, but most of the population will most likely not care, or know about it. Self-Education proves to be more interesting, and distributes more knowledge within people, as you’re not bound to a curriculum, or textbook. You’re thinking vastly, therefore your vague questions get cleared most of the time when researching thoroughly using such materials. I, myself, have gained more knowledge through self-education than official education. Most of what I depict on this blog is from self education mostly.Documentaries, Debates, and such expands our mind as well, and self-education expands mostly up on the truth, and through that you can know how the world is actually controlled, and what the government really does, and who owns that banks, to whom we allegedly owe a national debt of around $15-$20 trillion, or that could be even more. Last time, I checked, money was just created by a bunch of people who decided that world would use useless pieces of paper to have a stable life. The irony is really big, and media mass manipulation is a root cause of war too, or is that just a branch of communication which is controlled by the higher ups? Most people will try to defend the system, as they themselves are the sheep, but a very few people are getting enlightened, but I hope that everyone one day gets enlightened, so that we can all have a peaceful world to live, where we no longer have to live by each other’s misery, but rather by the love, and happiness of each other.


Good day, mates. So, I’ve finally come up with something worth writing rather than some repetitive post, I hope you enjoyed and were intrigued by this XD. Let me know your thoughts on the comment below.


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