Note: If you're reading this, please keep an open mind. Why? Because we're all infinite. We often talk of light beings being in the simple divinity of caricature that we simply impose in order to display an infinite light posing no ends to its velocity or its distort in the continuum. However, that's not always... Continue Reading →



Do you know the way? What if I do know the way? it's not like it's going to benefit someone else, other than influence a certain aspect of that reflection. Within everyone's way lies the deception of just taking a piss and looking at one scene, then discussing that scene and making a complete miscomprehended... Continue Reading →

What Am I ?

Traveled through time, Not to pick the dime, But to only tell a story, Will it make thy glory ? If only one listens, It's not imaginary, For everything I say, Is just a matter of probability.   Pick up your ignorance, Shatter all the innocence, But it's wrong to do so, So, keep being... Continue Reading →

Intuitively Blind

Short yet concise, Breathed all through the norms, Breathed all through the doubt, Breathed all away till it came out of secularity, This breath I speak of is only an extinguishment in presence, Only to what converses me through my own assumption, I bestow my wrath upon me , For I know not no intuition... Continue Reading →

An Unnecessary Necessity

I felt the urge to address this, despite the fact that it's only one of many Facebook memes and posts. So, I saw this post on Facebook and felt like I needed to speak my mind about it: This was my response to it: Live in the now, there's no past and future. According to... Continue Reading →

A Trip To The Parallel Realm

Good day, mates. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family & friends. I haven't posted a blog post like this in quite a long time, so today I'll be sharing with you guys my astral projection/meditation experiences which were almost or quite vivid. Note that I will not bother talking about my... Continue Reading →

Dreamt Light

If ever it were a dream, I’d relive it not, As the point of having one is to not relive it, Will I be here? Will I be you ? Will I be me? Or will you be me? Why not be all at once? After all, it’s you and I , You and I,... Continue Reading →

The i-Sentiment

  All these materials glitter through my name, This is why I never intended to seek any fame, A labradorite of meaning always held my glory, And I never used my connotation to create a story, For I knew that I would only be living today, It’s the disciples in ignorance that are in true... Continue Reading →

A Clash Of Chests

Here are 2 contrast poems I made a while back ( initially as a school project). 1st one: Paradoxical timeline, however, It’s not a dream In a world made for us, The patriots of the snow, Blends into the bow of tomorrow, For we once never sought sorrow, As our minds were never narrow, For... Continue Reading →

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