The Unknown Known

The Ultimate Mystery was done into history, The Blue Bird Flies to the Breeze. One Summer Turned away to fall, As did the day you missed the call, For I never made step towards , The Wind flying in complete verge. As the day passed, I told myself: Never worry friend, Let your ego go,... Continue Reading →


The UnLost Cause

Hinder all of this towards your way, Not my way, but your way, but one’s way, Have the time ready , When you learn to count time, If that’s ironic enough, Then tell me what’s freedom? Refer not to rights, Refer not to perception, Refer not to rationality, Refer not to discovery, Neither refer to... Continue Reading →

The Nature

When I refer to nature, I don't simply refer to nature as a whole, but from a perceptive point of view, as the only nature we're most aware, and conscious of is most probably "The Human Nature", as blatant as it sounds,  it's quite true, since everything we've perceived, demonstrated , studied, invented, and imagined... Continue Reading →


Often, people ask me: "How do you define 'God'?' You don't have to define God at all. What god is isn't what's written in The Bible, The Qu'ran, or any religious book out there. What's God is completely separate from what we've been indoctrinated into. People often say that 'God is everywhere' , but what... Continue Reading →

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