Fact Theory – Part I

Fact Theory: In the thriving norms of our coherent human civilization, everything is taken under the liability of subjective and objective claims and postulates. What’s being missed out is a lot more than just those 2 sides of a coin. An exploration into things such as the existentially of an observation is basic, but relative,... Continue Reading →


My First Book

Today's post is going to be unlike most of my other posts, but summed up in a nutshell. What do I mean by that? It's just a bunch of jumbles jiggling all the way in the form of water right in the jug. Anyways, figurative languages aside, I've published my very first book on Amazon.... Continue Reading →

Uncursed Blessing

Is this all that I will ever get into mellow ? Answered, mystical, yet never shallow, I liked the beams that shot me through the eyes, It made me feel like a star. Rippling boundaries, Carrying non-existent burdens, Feels like tomorrow won’t bring me present, It’s like the unchaining of a sparrow. This void brings... Continue Reading →

Kultic Vision

My journey is ending, I know its phase as I’m ascending, I descended before all of this occurred, Having the purpose of tranquility, Yet living in duality, Hasn’t stopped me from reaching my potential. Harm the peacock, Take away its cover, Shine it in lava, Can you see its raw bare void now? It’s as... Continue Reading →


Note: If you're reading this, please keep an open mind. Why? Because we're all infinite. We often talk of light beings being in the simple divinity of caricature that we simply impose in order to display an infinite light posing no ends to its velocity or its distort in the continuum. However, that's not always... Continue Reading →


Do you know the way? What if I do know the way? it's not like it's going to benefit someone else, other than influence a certain aspect of that reflection. Within everyone's way lies the deception of just taking a piss and looking at one scene, then discussing that scene and making a complete miscomprehended... Continue Reading →

What Am I ?

Traveled through time, Not to pick the dime, But to only tell a story, Will it make thy glory ? If only one listens, It's not imaginary, For everything I say, Is just a matter of probability.   Pick up your ignorance, Shatter all the innocence, But it's wrong to do so, So, keep being... Continue Reading →

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